At Lippert, we are proud to work with over 35 qualified and experienced music teachers!

Our instructors are all professional musicians with post-secondary degrees in music and education, as well as Royal Conservatory of Music accreditation. Our teachers offer music lessons in guitar, piano, voice, strings, woodwinds, brass, and more. They are the heart of our school and are the dedicated individuals who have contributed to the success of our music school since 1957.


Nick Donovan | drums • piano
Nick Donovan is an up and coming drummer and composer, currently studying jazz performance at the University of Toronto. Music was a prominent part of Nick’s upbringing in a family of professional musicians; he began playing the piano at the age of 5 and has been playing the drums for over 10 years. Nick started gigging on the Toronto rock scene in high school, before branching out into other styles such as jazz, soul, funk, and hip hop. Nick was the recipient of an entrance scholarship to UofT, as well as the 2017-2018 recipient of the Richard Iorweth Thorman Jazz Scholarship. He can be heard performing at a variety of music clubs around Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa, as well as esteemed jazz festivals across Ontario. Nick brings his creativity, musicality, and professional performance experience to any playing or teaching setting. ​
Andrew Scott | drums • percussion
Andrew joined Lippert in the fall 2016 and is a touring/recording drummer and percussionist formerly based out of Edmonton, Alberta. His sense of time, taste and his professional attitude affords him the opportunity to play with many great artists across a multitude of musical genres. Recently Andrew has been performing live with Hannah Kirby from Season 8 of “The Voice.” After hearing him play live, Hannah asked him to play on her forthcoming album “Fire in my Soul.”


He also played in the pit orchestra for the Dallas Theater Center’s musical “Staggerlee." He is comfortable in many different musical situations and as such has been called to play: Small group jazz, Big Band Jazz, Top 40’s Bands (with and without click Track), Contemporary Christian, Fusion, Funk, Soul, R&B, Afro-Cuban, New Orleans Second Line parties and funerals, Cumbia, 1950’s Rock and Roll, et al. This is just a small sampling of the playing opportunities Andrew has had while living in Texas and doesn’t do justice to the experience he has gained from maintaining his busy gigging schedule. Other highlights include playing a show on the field of Dallas Cowboy’s AT&T stadium and playing with vocalist Phil Crosby, grandson of Bing. Andrew graduated from the University of North Texas with a undergraduate degree in Jazz Studies in 2014. During his degree he studied with world renowned drum set instructor Ed Soph. He moved from Edmonton, Alberta to study at UNT and his own teaching style and musical philosophy has been highly influenced by Mr. Soph. Andrew has been teaching drums and percussion privately for 8 years and has found equal success teaching those who have been playing for years or someone who has never played a note in their life. Recently, Andrew has been coaching Jazz Combos from the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra made up of students aged 12-18. Regardless of the teaching situation, Andrew’s philosophy is to focus immediately on making music with others which always ensures the students have fun in lessons.