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Student & Parent Testimonials

“I went to Lippert Music for many years and then my daughter. It is a fantastic music school. ❤️🙌”
Nadeira R.

“Excellent teachers and programs! An important part of my kids’ lives! 🙌”
Sandra B.

“Best of the best! We are so happy to be part of the Lippert family!” 👏🎶

Lippert Music is a gift. I gave this gift to my children. It is a superbly run music school whose teachers are also gifts. Run by Charleen, another gift. If you’re seeking a music school for students of any age – visit, check it out! ❤️”
Rea K.

“…One of my great pleasures is my weekly piano lesson. My teacher is the most patient person I have ever known. She is always positive and encouraging. It is a wonderful school for students of all ages. Lippert is the best.”
Kitty G.

“Lippert Music Centre opens a whole new world to our children – the world of music. And even more – by teaching our children, Lippert brings a joy and music into our lives and hearts as well… Thank you Lippert!”
Ralitsa N.

“Lippert is a fantastic music school. The teachers are very patient and professional. Our two children have achieved great success under their guidance. Thank you for a job well done.
Jason H

“Lippert Music Centre is the best: excellent teachers on a wide range of instruments and musical styles. My boys take voice lessons and strings… I’m very happy with their progress in all their lessons.”
Chris B.

“Lippert Music is an outstanding music school. The teachers are excellent and very talented. Highly recommended!”
Bessie V

“We love Lippert. A terrific, professional and friendly music school. You feel they give the personal touch to each student. Their teachers are very talented and personable. Wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.”
Dr. Gendron