Music Lessons in Toronto

Looking for quality private music lessons in Toronto and East York? Look no further!

The most traditional method music instruction, our private music lessons in Toronto foster a unique bond between student and teacher. Our music teachers adapt and cater to the needs of each individual student, regardless of instrument, experience or age. We promise to connect you to a teacher who cares about your music education and will be understanding of your needs and goals. We can help you prepare for an audition, train for a performance, or study music theory for an examination. Our curriculum features performance opportunities such as our annual recital, the East York Music Festival, as well as many other community related events in East York and Toronto. You can also earn high school music credits by studying at Lippert! Click here to find out how.

We offer private for the following musical instruments:

Piano lessons will help you hammer out your favourite tunes on one of the world’s most popular instruments!
Rock ‘n’ roll, jazz, classical, enjoy guitar lessons and/or bass lessons in almost any genre of music!
Small in size but hugely popular, ukulele lessons will help you master this Hawaiian instrument!
Your voice is the most unique instrument you will ever play. Become a songbird with voice lessons!
Violin, viola, cello, and bass are essential parts in any orchestra. Violin lessons and cello lessons are extra popular!
The saxophone, flute and clarinet, are all essential orchestra and band instruments. Saxophone lessons are our most popular!
Move to the beat of your own drum and improve your fitness, rhythm, and coordination with drum lessons!
The trumpet, trombone and tuba are loud, proud, and fun! Trumpet lessons are particularly popular.
Harp lessons will let you serenade the audience with one of the oldest instruments in existence.
Portable, fun, and a staple of North Americana, the harmonica is a great solo or accompaniment instrument!
Behind every artist is a recording engineer. With lessons in audio recording and electronic music, that could be you!
Composition lessons will let you write to film scores and symphonies while songwriting lessons will help with other genres!
Music theory lessons let you understand and write music at a deeper level. A necessity for all musicians!

Don’t see your instrument on the list? Contact us and we promise to connect you with an instructor!

Click here for information on Group Music Lessons and Classes.

piano teacher and piano student having music lessons in toronto

Can’t come to the Lippert Music Centre? We’ll come to you with our in-home music lessons!

Lippert-On-The-Go! is our in-home music lesson experience. Enjoy the same level of professionalism and quality music lessons in the comfort of your own home. Whether it’s a matter of accessibility or convenience, our teachers will come to you!


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