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Lippert Music Centre School Policies

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  1. Hours of Operation: Regular scheduling from September to June generally follows the schedule of the Toronto District School Board. We are closed one week for March Break, two weeks for Winter Break, as well as statutory holidays. Throughout the summer, lessons are offered by appointment only. Details below:
    • September to June: Monday to Friday, 3:00 PM – 8:30 PM; Saturday, 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM. Other days and times by appointment and pending teacher availability.
    • July-August: By appointment only.
    • School of Hard Rock Summer Camp: Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM; one week program offered in July, exact dates to be confirmed each year *see Section III.E
  2. Important Dates: A copy of the school calendar is included in the fee schedule emailed to you upon registration, it is also available online. It is the student’s responsibility to check the calendar for school closures and/or special events. Below are some important dates to note.
    • Annual Recital: first two weekends in June; Student Recital for ages 20 and under, Adult Recital for ages 21 and up
    • East York Music Festival: registration deadline in January, exact date to be confirmed. Festival first weekend in March
    • Royal Conservatory of Music: details about examinations and registration can be found here.  Please consult your teacher or the office before registering for any examinations.
RCM Application Deadline:Nov. 1Jan. 1Mar. 1June 1
For RCM Exam in:Dec. / Jan.April (piano only)May / JuneAugust


  1. Learning Policy: To facilitate successful and enjoyable learning, all students should follow our three-commitment policy: (1) Commitment to daily practise, (2) Commitment to a weekly scheduled lesson time from September – June, and (3) Commitment to enjoying music and music-making.
  2. Behaviour Policy: Lippert Music has a zero-tolerance policy for disrespect. Behaviour by a student, guardian, or any individual that limits the safety or enjoyment of others in our facilities is not permitted. Should a situation arise, the individual will be removed from the premises and any lesson(s) or class(es) will be subsequently forfeited and no refund issued. The individual and any associated parties will be financially liable for any resulting damages.
  3. Waiting Room: The waiting room is a quiet zone.  Students are encouraged to complete their theory homework before their lessons.  There is no eating in the waiting room.  We kindly ask you to leave the waiting area neat and tidy for others.  We reserve the right to close the space and have people vacate the waiting room should the need arise.  
  4. Lateness: If a student is more than 15 minutes late to a class the teacher is no longer obliged to wait. A teacher cannot extend the lesson beyond the agreed upon weekly lesson timeframe.


  1. Private Lessons: Weekly music lessons during the school year or summer at the agreed upon, set day and time.  All lessons must be paid for in advance by term or monthly payments. For lesson fees see Fees Section V. Regular lesson rate as of 2023/24 is $40 per 30 minutes.  Higher rates may apply according to teacher, instrument, location and level of study.  Average lesson length is 30 minutes, however, we offer 15 minutes for the young beginner (age 4) and longer lessons for students studying at higher levels.  Pricing is prorated to the applicable 30-minute lesson fee.  Although it is preferred to have students start at the beginning of the school year, we welcome students at any point throughout the year and prorate the fees to match the start date, pending availability in the schedule.
  2. Group Classes and Workshops: Payments in full are due prior to the start of the program. No make-up lessons for missed classes. No refund once a term has started.  Students are responsible for keeping any loaned instruments and/or materials in good condition, additional fees will apply for any damaged, missing, or stolen instruments and any deposit will not be returned.
  3. Summer Lessons: Lessons available for in-person classes Tuesday to Thursday in July and August, by appointment only. Online classes may be offered any day of the week. Payments for all requested lessons are due in advance. No charge for lessons cancelled three (3) days in advance and these lessons will be credited or refunded after the session is over.  Summer lessons are highly recommended to all students to avoid regression or try new instruments.
  4. In-Home Lessons: A non-refundable fee equal to the in-home lesson rate is charged for a 30-minute, in-home assessment before lessons begin. In-home lessons are only available with payment Option 1 or Option 2 (see section 5 b for details). An adult, aged 18 or older, must be present for the duration of the lessons. Please be ready for your lesson, as lesson time starts when the teacher arrives at your address. Lesson time will be deducted for any delays that occur, for example, elevator or building access wait times. Pets must be secured and not interrupt the lessons.
  5. School of Hard Rock Camp: School of Hard Rock is a one-week program offered in July. The camp runs Monday – Friday 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Exact dates are to be confirmed each year. At the in-person camp, founded in 2001, students aged 9 to 17 write & record original music, learn cover songs, try new instruments, participate in outdoor recreation, and put on a live performance on Fridays at 3 pm at an established venue.  One year experience is required on any instrument except voice. 
  6. Gift Certificate Lessons: Lessons paid for with gift certificates are to be taken weekly and consecutively at a time agreed upon by the recipient and office.  Missed classes will be forfeited. 


  1. Registration Form:  All students need a completed registration form.  We prefer electronic registration forms submitted through our website or My Music Staff.  The registration form should be accompanied with the first payment.  For returning students, it is critical for us to have an updated age, school and program of study, completed annually. This information is used to develop program of study and enhance student growth. 


  1. Registration Fees: A registration fee is a non-refundable fee paid upon registering for weekly lessons. For those paying by Option 1 or Option 2, the registration fee may be discounted to $25 per student to a maximum of $50 per family. The registration fee for those paying by Option 3 is $40 per student or a maximum of $80 per family.
  2. Weekly and Bi-Weekly Lessons: The rate for regular lessons as of 2023 is $40 per 30 minutes.  Higher rates may apply according to teacher, instrument, location, and level of study.   Fees are to be paid in advance, for a minimum of one month’s worth of lessons. See section 5 b for details on payment plans.  Under some circumstances, a bi-weekly schedule may be offered with school and teacher approval.  Lessons are to take place at an agreed upon regular day, time, and length. 
  3. Trial Lesson: Discount special may apply.  Any bookings will not be confirmed until payment is received.  No further commitment applies after this class.  If a trial lesson is missed, the class is forfeited.  Limit one lesson per new student enrolment.  Trial lessons are booked pending availability. 
  4. Single Lessons: Booking single lessons (i.e. not booked according to a regular weekly or bi-weekly schedule) will be charged an additional $10 per 30 minutes. Payments for single lessons are due prior to the lesson. If payment is not received prior to the discussed date, the lesson will not be booked. Single lessons are booked pending availability.  If a single lesson is missed, the class is forfeited.
  5. In-Home Lessons: In-home lessons are charged at a 50% premium above the lesson rate. The lesson rate may differ from the standard lesson rate due to teacher, instrument, and level of study.  Fees are to be paid in advance, for a minimum of one month’s worth of lessons.   Minimum class length 30 minutes.
  6. Group Classes and Camps: Fees are due in full before the program begins. Each program’s tuition fee will be announced alongside registration. Discounts may apply for early payment. There are no make-ups for missed classes.  See VIII B Refunds for Group Classes & Camps for further information.
  7. NSF Cheques: A fee of $30.00 will be charged for any and all NSF cheques.
  8. Late Fees: All late payments are subject to a $10 late fee that will be automatically applied when the payment due date has passed.


  1. Accepted Payment Types:  E-Transfer, Cash, Debit, Cheque (payable to Lippert Music Centre Inc.), Visa and Mastercard. Refer to the fee schedule for details regarding fees and due dates.  Kindly include student name with payment if different from the sender’s.
  2. Payment Options: All payments are due by the first day of each month. The payor is responsible for ensuring their payment information is up to date. This includes informing the office if credit cards are going to expire. If payment is not received by the due date, late fees will apply.
  3. During Office Closure Times, including to emergencies and payment automation:  Online payments of E-Transfer and credit cards are appreciated.  Cheques may be mailed to 970 Pape Avenue or deposited in the gold mail slot at the side of the house (near the front entrance).  If paying cash please make an appointment for a scheduled drop off time. If dropping cash to the mail slot, inform the office of the day/time this was done. Kindly include the student name (first and last) and/or registration form with any payment. 

Payment Option # 1: Auto-Term


  • 3 payments:  September 1 (or start date), January 1, April 1
  • Have a credit card on file in My Music Staff (it is recommended that customers sign up for the My Music Staff Student Portal so they can update their credit card information and avoid late payments).
  • Cheques may be mailed to 970 Pape Avenue or deposited in the gold mail slot at the side of the house (near the front entrance).   All cheques must be received on day of registration to claim discounts.
  • E-transfer. 
  • Cash. Make an appointment for a scheduled drop off time or deposit to the mail slot in an envelope with student’s name.


  • Discount up to $80 per year, per class, applied in June
  • Eligible for one make-up class, if registered before Term 2

Payment Option # 2: Auto-Month


  • 10 payments: September 1, October 1, November 1, December 1, January 1, February 1, March 1, April 1, May 1, June 1
  • Have a credit card on file in My Music Staff (it is recommended that customers sign up for the My Music Staff student Portal so they can update their credit card information and avoid late payments).
  • 10 post-dated cheques (dates above).  Cheques may be mailed to 970 Pape Avenue or deposited in the gold mail slot at the side of the house (near the front entrance).  All cheques must be received on day of registration to claim discounts.
  • E-transfer. 
  • Cash. Make an appointment for a scheduled drop off time or deposit to the mail slot in an envelope with student’s name.


  • Discount up to $40 per year, applied in June
  • Eligible for one make-up class, if registered before Term 2

Payment Option # 3: Monthly


  • 10 payments: September 1, October 1, November 1, December 1, January 1, February 1, March 1, April 1, May 1, June 1
  • Payments due one week prior to the 1st day of each upcoming month, for the month. 
  • Any payment type including credit card, if not on file in My Music Staff
  • Cash. Make an appointment for a scheduled drop off time or deposit to the mail slot in an envelope with student’s name.


  • No savings applied in June
  • Not eligible for make up lessons


All missed lessons are charged (regardless of notice) as our teachers must be compensated for their time. A make-up lesson is any lesson that is moved from the regular weekly time scheduled. Lessons falling on Statutory Holidays may not be charged, check your Fees Calendar. Lessons for school closures or teacher absences (excluding Winter Break [December] and March Break) will result in a rescheduled make-up lesson to be scheduled by the student, teacher, and office. In the case of a snow day, lessons may be offered online instead of at the usual location. If a teacher is absent, a substitute will be provided. If no substitute is available, a make-up lesson will be scheduled. Make-up lessons may be in-person or online at the school’s discretion. Missed classes are forfeited, except for payments for Option #1 and Option #2.  Make-up policies are as follows with payments in good standing for Options #1 and #2

  • Students paying by Option #1 Auto-Term or Option #2 Auto-Month, that are registered before Term 2, are eligible for one (1) make-up lesson for the year
  • Students paying with Option #3 and/or registered after Term 2 begins are not eligible for make-ups
  • Any lesson moved from the student’s regularly scheduled time is considered a make-up
  • If a scheduled make-up lesson is missed, the make-up is forfeited and will not be rescheduled
  • Make-up lessons are scheduled at the school’s convenience and may be offered in advance
  • Make-up Lessons may be in-person or online, at the discretion of the school.
  • Make-up lessons must be claimed by May and are unredeemable in the summer or following year
  • If lessons are discontinued, any/all outstanding school year make-up lessons are forfeited
  • Missed lessons in July and August are provided a refund/credit for any missed lesson if three or more days notice is given to the main office.

Make-ups due to illness

Teachers and staff reserve the right to refuse lessons to any student who does not pass the temperature test or general health questions or are otherwise ill. For any lesson that is missed due to failure to pass the in-person health test, which may include the student’s temperature being taken using a contactless thermometer, the lesson may be made up online at the teacher’s and student’s convenience, if possible.  We urge any student who is feeling unwell to stay home for the health and safety of our teachers, staff, and Lippert families. In this case, contact the school and we may be able to switch your scheduled class to an online lesson that day. 

Should any students not comply with Lippert Music Centre’s health and safety guidelines and/or refuse proper use of PPE and social distancing, they will be barred from having lessons until safety compliances are met. Under these circumstances, the lesson will be forfeited.   

If absences due to illness affect more than two lessons, upon presentation of a doctor’s note, lessons may be made up.  Please discuss with the office. 


  1. Refunds for Lessons: Lippert is committed to music lesson excellence and appreciates the chance to discuss other options with students who feel they want to discontinue, such as a change of teacher and/or strategy for the lessons. If you choose to discontinue private lessons, written notice is required seven (7) days prior to the end of the final month of your lessons to avoid being charged for the upcoming month. There are no refunds once a new month has started. For payment Option 1 and Option 2, unused fees will be refunded and/or post-dated cheques returned (less discounts, outstanding lessons, and rental fees, if applicable).
  2. Refunds for Group Classes and Camps: If notice of cancellation is given in writing 4 weeks before the program begins, a refund—less a $50 administrative charge per student, per session—may be issued.  Prorated refunds are not available for days absent, or other services not fully utilized. Refunds for medical reasons may be available upon presentation of a doctor’s note. For School of Hard Rock, notice of cancellation must be given before May 31 of the camp year.
  3. Receipts: We are a government-registered institution and, as such, offer Official Tax Receipts (T2202) for the year’s tuition fees received by December 31st for students aged 16 or older studying music for the betterment of their careers.  We also provide receipts for students under the age of 16, including receipts for the School of Hard Rock Summer Camp. All receipts are issued by the end of February of the following year. Receipts provided by request only.


  1. Music Store: Everything you need for your lessons is available for purchase at Lippert’s including, but not limited to: sheet music, method books, CDs, instruments and instrument accessories. Items purchased may be refunded within 7 days of purchase provided they are in their original packaging. Books, sheet music and any sale items are final sale and cannot be returned.
  2. Rentals: Instrument rentals are available to Lippert students at competitive rates including, but not limited to: guitars, ukuleles, violins and keyboards to facilitate daily practice at the student’s home. If you would like to purchase your rental instrument, we offer a “Rent-to-Own” program for all our students. A deposit is required to rent the instrument. The deposit will be returned once the instrument is returned and has passed a quality check. The rental fees are $30 per month and 50% of the rental price goes towards purchasing the instrument.  Higher rental fees may apply for instruments of higher value. Any rental instrument that is purchased is the final sale. We do not buy back rental instruments. Credit card on file required to rent all instruments. *Ask if specials may apply.
  3. Repairs: Lippert may offer repair services pending estimate acceptance.  Most common services include re-stringing.  We recommend this be an annual service for any instrument in regular use. 
  4. Instrument Maintenance:  Pianos need to be tuned at least yearly to maintain pitch.  Please enquire for recommendations.
  5. Other Services:  Recommendations for piano movers and musicians for events and weddings.  Please enquire.


  1. Registration for Examinations with the Royal Conservatory of Music, In-House Exams or like institutions.  Before a student registers for any examination, a discussion must occur with the teacher to make a plan for the optimum time to do the exam.  Students not only represent themselves, but their teacher and Lippert Music. Expectations for students enrolled in the classical music study stream, after completing pre-school, junior and senior kindergarten (up to 4 years) is one grade per year, commencing with Grade 1 up to Grade 8, provided regular commitment to practise is maintained.  For Grades 9 and up, 1.5 years and longer applies.  Please consult your teacher.
  2. Registration in Competitions, Exams and Outside Performances:  The school and teachers need to be informed of all student performances to help students prepare.  We especially want to know if students are at an arts school and when performances/examinations are to help us develop a realistic plan to execute your best performance.


  1. My Music Staff (MMS): My Music Staff (MMS): Lippert uses “My Music Staff,” a management software, to manage operations including scheduling and payments.  Auto-payment can be set up through My Music Staff that uses a third party to process payments.  For more information about industry standard security and policies Click here. Please note that Lippert Music Centre Inc. will never sell or distribute your information to third parties.  Lippert Music Centre Inc. will not be held liable for any loss or damage, should any be incurred, through the use of online payment platforms or websites.  Cheques, cash and e-transfer are always another option for auto-pay. 
  2. Online Lessons: Lippert primarily uses Zoom for online lessons. Upon request by the student, and with agreement from the administration and teacher, another online meeting platform may be used. Zoom lessons are accessible by link only with access being granted manually only by the teacher. Lippert uses My Music Staff as a portal to coordinate and access Zoom lessons. Lippert is not liable for any privacy or technology issues caused by any online meeting platform.
  3. Social Media: On occasion, Lippert Music Centre takes photos and records videos of our students during their lessons and performances. This material may be used for promotional purposes and on social media by Lippert. Students may be identified by their first name while last names and any other personal information will not be included. No remuneration will be provided for any such use. By registering for lessons or group classes at Lippert Music Centre, you consent to our social media policy. If you have questions or do not consent, please email us at

The policies outlined here are updated as of July 2023. Policies may be subject to change without notice.

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