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Music Teacher Profile

Bennett Young, uke, guitar, bass, piano teacher - East York, Toronto, Ontario
Bennett Young | guitar • bass • uke • piano
A mainstay in the Canadian music scene, Bennett Young has just about done it all. He has performed in a multitude of festivals, huge halls, tiny clubs and everything in-between backing up artists in Jazz, Blues, Rock and Indie Folk. He has toured throughout Canada and the U.S, and accompanied Dance Troupes, and Theater Fringe shows in his adopted home city of Toronto, Ontario. Ben's teaching approach (guitar, bass, ukulele) focuses on a 'building blocks' method, treating music like a language and focusing on engaging repertoire that both inspires and ensures marked progress. With feedback notes provided after each lesson, there is no better time to learn a fun new instrument!! Lippert Music welcomed Ben in the fall of 2023.

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