Kitty G.

“…One of my great pleasures is my weekly piano lesson. My teacher is the most patient person I have ever known. She is always positive and encouraging. It is a wonderful school for students of all ages. Lippert is the best.”

Ralitsa N.

“Lippert Music Centre opens a whole new world to our children – the world of music. And even more – by teaching our children, Lippert brings a joy and music into our lives and hearts as well…Thank you Lippert!”

Jason H

“Lippert is a fantastic music school. The teachers are very patient and professional. Our two children have achieved great success under their guidance. Thank you for a job well done.”

Chris B.

“Lippert Music Centre is the best: excellent teachers on a wide range of instruments and musical styles.  My boys take voice lessons and strings…  I’m very happy with their progress in all their lessons.”

Bessie V

“Lippert Music is an outstanding music school.  The teachers are excellent and very talented.  Highly recommended!”

Dr. Gendron

“We love Lippert. A terrific, professional and friendly music school. You feel they give the personal touch to each student. Their teachers are very talented and personable. Wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.”