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Missed Lessons and Make-Up Lessons FAQ

What is a make-up lesson?

A lesson that is scheduled because either the student or teacher cannot meet at the regular scheduled time. Each eligible student gets one make-up lesson per year for a missed lesson. You might also be offered a make-up lesson for a teacher absence, Halloween, or a snow day.

Why do I have to pay for a missed class?

Missed lessons must be paid for so that the teachers can be paid. When you register for lessons, you are booking that teacher’s time. When you miss, teachers are still here teaching their other students.

Can I switch to an online lesson so I don’t miss the class?


What about school holidays?

Our lesson schedule is built around the TDSB schedule. Lessons are not charged during the Winter Break, March Break, and Holiday Mondays.

Am I eligible for a make-up lesson?

If you registered in Term One (September-December) and pay through our Auto-Pay system, yes!

How difficult is it to schedule a make-up lesson?

It can be very tricky! Our students and teachers are busy. Here are a couple tips:

  • Suggest your availability. Offer us three windows and we’ll see if your teacher is available.
  • Schedule your make-up in advance. If we know a teacher and a student are available at the same time, let’s use it!
  • Consider an online make-up lesson. Teachers can offer more availability online.
  • For parents with multiple students: scheduling make-up lessons at the same time is probably impossible. We will do our best but appreciate your flexibility.

How much notice do I have to give to receive a make-up?

Our teachers appreciate as much notice as possible. But illness and emergencies happen, and in those circumstances, let us know when you can.

I missed my lesson, what should I do to prepare for the next class?

Try something new! Maybe the next song in your book or an extra page of theory. Or review one of your favourite pieces. Can you play it for memory? Can you play it even better than you could before? Totally stuck? Email us and we’ll ask your teacher for a new idea.

If you have further questions, please review our school policies or contact the office.