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Why technique?

Technique builds the essentials of playing an instrument.  At the beginning, you may not see the point, however, if you persevere, your hands will learn logical finger patterns, develop strength and endurance.  This is similar to the training of an athlete.  You need to repeat your exercises at least 3 – 5 times per day.  Start with these fundamentals.  Technique starts with scales and triads.   If you don’t enjoy them, liken it to eating your least part of your meal first, to get it over with.  You don’t really know your technique until you can play it with your eyes closed from memory.  Remember to practice things in small sections – if anything doesn’t go well, even perfect just 2 notes at a time.  Then the next day, work on two more notes, then review the previous day…..and so on….

For beginners on piano, I recommend Dozen A Day.  After the third book, move to the complete Technique Book.  I can help with recommendations for other instruments too.  Contact me if you need help at or

By Charleen Beard