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Lippert Music Centre receives 2021 Readers’ Choice Award

Lippert Music Centre is honoured to announce that we have received the “Best Music Instruction” from the Scarborough Mirror’s Reader’s Choice Awards for 2021. Our music school prides itself in offering high quality music education, and we are incredibly grateful to have been selected by our students and their parents who have experienced the impact of our values.

This year we are celebrating our 65th Anniversary in business. Our music school, began as an in-home music lesson service in 1957 by Joseph Lippert Jr.  Then, the music school changed to an in-school experience and tens of thousands of students have felt the impact of our dedication to fostering excellence in music education. We have not moved the main office since inception and continue to teach in the Lippert family home, at 970 Pape Avenue, built in 1944, by Joseph Lippert Sr.

Needless to say, the world has changed dramatically since 1957. Technology has been one of the major forces that has had ripple effects in music, music education, and teaching. We have 65 years of experience in staying up-to-date and adapting to the times to ensure we are using all the best qualities technology has to offer our students. From vinyl records to Spotify, acoustic to electronic instruments, and in-person to online learning, adapting to change has been a huge part of our story! In fact, for us, adapting to change is essential to ensure we continue to provide the highest quality music education for our students. 

In particular, 2021 was an incredibly unpredictable year for many. For us, the shift to online learning, which we set up the previous year in 2020, became our exclusive offering as we navigated lockdown restrictions in the winter, spring, and summer. Then, we navigated back to a hybrid in-person/online learning model again in September. Throughout all this, our teachers and students were incredible in adapting to the given lesson set-up as was necessary. In fact, many of our students and teachers told us that being able to rely on weekly lessons was incredibly helpful in a time that was unpredictable. Basing our music school around the values of fostering music excellence and adapting to change kept us focused through turbulent times.

We could not have received this award without our truly expert and incredible teachers here at Lippert. We have 30 of the best music teachers in the city of Toronto and this award would not have been possible without their hard work and alignment with our values in music education. We want to thank our students and their parents as well – thank you for trusting us and supporting our music school throughout the year. It truly means the world to have you study with us!

Thank you so much as well to the Scarborough Mirror, those who voted for us, and those who left kind wishes about our award on our social media pages. We look forward to 2022 being another great year of learning and making music!